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Welcome to my Photo blog

Welcome to my feeble attempt at blogging. I’m going to use this site to vent, educate and entertain anyone that looks at this blog. This year,2014, is a momentous year for me. It was on June 2nd in 1974 that I began this journey into the visual art we call photography. On June 2,1974, I graduated from St. Mary’s high school in South Amboy N.J. It was a few months after that I began my time at Middlesex County College in Edison N.J. to begin my education in photography. I’m still learning to this day. I have learned a few things in the last 40 years. I have also survived a few things in the last 40 years. I survived the realization after I entered college that I was not as talented as I thought I was. I survived 3 years at a 2 year junior college finally graduating with an associates degree in professional commercial photography in 1977. I survived a year and  half working as a real estate/wedding photographer at a studio in Elizabeth N.J. Then after I went on work for a large pharmaceutical company I survived being fired for the first time in my life. I then went to work for a man that  I  credit teaching me all the important skills I needed to be successful today. I then survived a time in the retail photography world. I left that world in 1989 to start free-lancing. It was also at that time the nation went into a recession that almost ruined me. It was 1991 that Rutgers came calling and I had to survive a complete change in my photography from commercial to sports. I survived the transitions from manual focus to auto focus, film to digital. 40 years later, I’m still annoying people.

I’ve learned a few things in 40 years. You are never as good or as bad as you think you are. Don’t worry about the photos you don’t get, concentrate on the photos you do get. Always say yes to the client and figure out how to to do it later. Some things you need to be a successful photographer are Patience, Passion and a certain amount of self loathing. Patience to wait for something great to happen in front of your lens, Passion to get you up in the morning to pursue this career, or any career and self-loathing to make you do better the next time. I have also learned that of all the visual arts, photography is the least respected. Whenever there is talk of budget cuts, photography is the first thing to go. Also how many times have photographers been told how to do their jobs by people who know nothing about the art form?

My story is no different than anyone elses story. Except , of course, it is my story. I hope to write about some of these things in the coming months in the hopes that someone might follow this blog and not make the same mistakes I made.

Stay tuned!


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